Friday, March 21, 2008

The fall of 1957, John Ewing, Apollo Taleporos and I, were sent to Redwood City on a secret mission for several months to train under Mr. Ginsberg, Ampex's inventor of the system, on all aspects of how the system worked and how edits were to be made with a Gillette razor blade and silver splicing tape. We were to have a fully operating system by Daylight Savings Time, 1958, so that we could boast to Madison Ave. that we could, on a tape delay, feed a program at the same time across the U.S.A. on the CBS TV Network --- this was a momentous asset to the advertiser's Madison Ave. agencies.
Further, the full blown Tape Department was on the seventh floor at G.C. and the two names that you mention were not the first operators
in Video Tape -- in fact I left CTN December 1959 as Engineer in Charge to rejoin Dr. Goldmark In Stamford, CT. as Director of Military & Industrial Systems and your two names were not brought to the Dept. at that time.

John Koushouris