Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hi Gady,

You said you would like to hear about the old Days at C.B.S.I am sure some of us Retirees could do so..
I would also like to believe that some of the Retirees of the... Iconoscope....Film...T.V.R...and .Video Tape .Days ..
would like to hear about C.B.S. as it is Today .the Hi-Def .control rooms.Hi.-Def Cameras.. E.T.C. is that possible.??

Best Regards,
Harold Deppe
Hi Vinny
I believe the crew list is from some time in 1951. I was on the George Gould crew
in 1950 and then went to Frank Somers crew in 1951.
See for an interesting photo of this crew
(as listed) in 1951.
Jay J. Chichon

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's great that more people are putting messages on the retirees site.
I would be interested in hearing more specific stores of things that happened on various shows.
I visited John Wray in Studio 50 when he was directing Sullivan.
I was very young and never got to know much about him or Marlo Lewis or Charlie Grenier.
The visit to the control room was great and I still remember it all.
I'd like to hear more about those people and what when on in those days.
I have collected lots of "stuff" over the years and am sending you some random pages which I hope will jar loose some stories from the retirees.
I'm still at CBS after 42 years, working in the BOC and waiting for the new Media Distribution Center to open with all new Hi-Def control rooms.
We should be on the air within a year.

After reading about all the Production Retirees that were with C.B.S.
are there any Maintenance Retirees still around ?
They may have some interesting thoughts as well.

P.S. I try..

Harold Deppe

Friday, March 28, 2008

Date: Friday, March 28, 2008 4:00 pm
Subject: crew list
To: webmaster@cbsretirees


This should stir up a few memories.

Vinny Castrataro

Thursday, March 27, 2008

For those who wish to use the Windows Calendar system to remind you
of upcoming Retiree events, such as the next Luncheon, please click here ==> Calendar,
then click "Open", then set "Destination" to your current Calendar, or create a new one, then "Import."
You will then have a Calendar entry for May 18th with a reminder set for one week in advance.

Goodman "Goody" Freed, is a young fellow, now just 73 years old , who spent just 32 years at the Broadcast Center.
Five years in VT, 3 1/2 assigned as an Editor on Cronkite, additionallly assisting Geo. Hartmann, Danny Stevens, John Wells & Ed Smith,
& anyone else that needed help, was first editor assigned to the Merv Griffin show but was bumped.
Spent a number of years in PC & EC. Transferred to Show Crews, did Boom on "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing"
which won an Emmy & went off the air. Worked on every CBS Soap as either Utility, Boom, Camera, Video, Audio Assist or Relief.
Spent time in CC & Switched shows for Syndication. Was in management's purgatory taking labels off boxes until I showed them how to do the job
in one tenth the time & they transferred me out. In Sound Effects for a number of years, in addition to doing all the other stuff when needed.
Worked more than a few Remotes. The Sid Kaufman I remember was a young, tall, thin drink of water with a nice head of hair.
Worked on a Soap & later went to Viacom. I wasn't there to be remembered, only to do the job I loved & support my family.
The BONUS, I met a lot of nice people along the way, I guess I succeeded.

Goody Freed

"I vass dere too" and you are absolutely correct in your remarks to John K.
"Mac" didn't let me touch the new Ampex recorders either. I think he thought I was too close
to "Milty" (Milt Haas) who also wasn't allowed to handle the new equipment.
In all fairness though, I believe Engineering had a large say in those decisions.
Best Regards and thanks for the memories.

John Wells

I also see "Goody Freed" on the monitor almost daily -- I feel that he is one of our genre because of his extensive recall but for me, he remains a mystery.
But!, you dont!.
I was still in my twenty's when I Transferred from Dr. Goldmark's CBS Labs to Tv Operations under Thompson, Sather and Mercier -- boy were they ever a great team -- non better. And it was there where I started as TD on The Como Show, Stork Club, Around the Town with Mike (Wallace) & Buff (Cobb), Love of Life, The Ernie Kovacs Show, The Real McKay, The Goldbergs, Studio One, Omnibus, You are There, See it Now, etc, etc, etc.
So during this time, also, as one of the TD's on the greatest of field crews I worked with you and got to know you as one of the greatest faces and temperments always smiling with the warmest of smiles --- If our man Goody accomplished anything for me with his flashbacks, it was to recall one of the best Menches I've ever worked with.
john koushouris

(HAL; Is the foregoing what you had in mind a couple of weeks ago?.)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Please note!
Our next CBS luncheon will take placed on Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at the Swan Club in Long Island, NY.

Tony Casola
Dave Re: Harry Kramer

I was on the Bill Guyon Crew (Audio). We did "The Edge Of Night"in Studio 61. Then down to Grand Central studio 41 for the "CBS Evening News".
Harry was almost a member of our crew. He was also a mentor to my son (AD) on the Evening News.
Harry also did the 5:00PM Network News Feed, more fondly called the5 o'clock Funnies.
I think more production errors were produced per feed than any other program on CBS.
One in particular cannot be printed.

Harold Schutzman
To John Koushouris:

Let me ask you this: Vass you dere Sharlie? While you were in Redwood City, I vass dere,
dere being TVR on the second floor of Grand Central around the time the first sputnik went up.
I still maintain thatthe first Ampex VTR's were installed in a small room adjoining the room that housed the film recorders.
Their serial numbers were 1 and 2. They were there ostensively for us to learn on, as we were told by Karl MacIlvain,
then the engineer-in-charge of TVR that we would be the nucleus of the new video tape department.
We were an irreverent group of five who laughed it up and kidded around a lot while we did our jobs.
In this gang of five were myself, Vinnie Castrataro, Johnny Kraust, Henry Menusan and Wild Willie Wagner.
We did our jobs and had fun doing so. But all this hilarity did not sit well with Mr. MacIlvain, so he only allowed Bill Bladel,
Marty Murphy, and Red Steiger to touch the new machines. He then became engineer-in-charge of VTR,
and took with him Bladel and Murphy and acquired Stan Greene and Harvie Schwartz.
It's funny, but I can picture all these guys in my mind's eye, but I draw a blank when it comes to MacIlvain.
Oh well, God bless him and his home grown cucumbers.
Speaking of tape delay, were you involved in the great unused elevator shaft tape delay machine?
But that's another story for another time.

-- Joe Janovsky

There was one RCA Video tape machine in Grand Central. It was in the VT-3 position.
It came about when CBS bought the Parisian Remote truck when that outfit went belly-up.
I can't remember the name of the company at this time.

Harry Charles
Sad News received from Florida,
Bill Riel passed away March 22rd. Bill worked in Cliff Rice's Receiver Maint. Shop. He worked at Black Rock before that.

Tony Casola

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Would anyone know the reason why there were R.C.A. Video Tape Recoders among the Ampex Video Tape Recorders
and how many at G.C. seventh Floor? I remember Joe Geiger in that department and John Koushouris was the E.I.C. There was a Sync Switching problem between Tape and Studios... any one remember why?

Harold Deppe
Hey, nice to see you again Vinny !!!!

Harry Peterson
Who is Goody Freed? ... He seems to know all the people I know but can't place him.
I was only there for 37 years and bounced all over the place news -sports-washington and operations ...
of all the people I worked with, the CTN Operations were the finest and the closest friends I had and loved.
Hello to my best pal Bob Wilson when we spent weeks in Russia - have you gotten your clothes back yet?..
He has some great stories about that trip...
I miss Bressan, Dellila, Bob Dailey, Prince.. I speak with Hal Classon often.
What a fun and uncomplicated life it was many stories about the Sullivan show when I was audio.
We had a small poker game on Long Island where we all lived... There was Bressan , Sol Train, Lamendola,
Pile, Mc Manus, Berridge and Giriat. As far as I know, I AM THE ONLY ONE LEFT.

Sid Kaufman
There was a recent query on your discussion board regarding CBS announcers.
They had asked who was announcing the CBS EVENING NEWS during Cronkite era.
The answer is HARRY KRAMER, CBS staff announcer who also voiced P&Gs famous soaper on
CBS "THE EDGE OF NIGHT." for much of its long run.
Boston, MA

Monday, March 24, 2008


It is with profound sadness that we inform everyone of the death of Ray Angona, a true Television City legend. Over his long career, Ray won numerous awards for his work in television, including several Emmy Awards. He was the consummate Technical Director, switcher, crew chief, mentor, teacher, and friend. Although he was Technical Director on many shows, he will be best remembered for his years as TD on The Price is Right.
Ray started in radio in 1946 or 1947 at KNX, moving to Television City when the facility first opened its doors in 1952. He started out in Telecine, working his way up the ranks to Technical Director, which was the position he held until his retirement in 1992. An avid audiophile, he recorded one of the first demo albums of stereo effects in the mid-1950s, along with his great friend Jack Wagner (the voice of Disneyland, Disneyworld, and Orlando Airport). Ray was a member of the Board of Governors of the Television Academy, and a member of Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters.
Ray leaves behind his daughter Karen, and Josephine Angona, his former wife. He will be deeply missed for his easy-going disposition, and especially his smiling face at the Frogs Luncheons.
Services will be held at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, (800) 204-3131, as follows:
Thursday, March 27, from 9am 9pm in Main Building Mortuary
SERVICE: Friday, March 28 at 12:30pm in The Church of the Hills
An obituary will appear in this Sundays Times.

Submitted by Dave Schwartz/Jerry Colet

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Let me refresh your memory. The first two videotape operators were Vinny Castrataro and Ed Wills and the first two
VTR machines were located in a little 10 by 12 ft maintenance area in TVR. I was already working in TVR
and Karl Macalvain was the EIC of TVR. Ed and I were assigned as operators.
You and I did the LETS TAKE TRIP SHOW (see attached photos). I will send more memorabilia as I clean out my basement.

Vinny Castrataro

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I have been reading with rapt interest your website and have learnt a lot about the various equipment used, the technicians, etc., that helped make CBS what it was. (I also saw some of these in person, as I once attended a live broadcast of WCBS-TV's 6:00 newscast late in 1976 at the Broadcast Center, and can see the Norelco PC-60 cameras in my head to this day.) I was wondering if any of the retirees who contribute to the site would be able to answer any questions on who were the various announcers whose video, audio etc., I am about to forward. I am able to place the names and voices of such legends as Bob Hite, Bill Gilliand, Allan Berns, Lee Jordan, Gaylord Avery, Dave Campbell, Hal Simms, Pat Canel(?), Roger Forster and Don Robertson (and if going way back, Art Hannes and Peter Thomas). But I'm at a loss as to these voices:
1. (The V/O saying "Smith/Marash, after the movie" at the start of this clip)
2. (The V/O of the Emergency Broadcast System test)
3. (website) / (audio file) - signed off WCBS-TV one early morning c.1964
4. (website) / (audio file) - signed off WCBS-TV one late night/early morning in 1959
5. (at 5:24-5:29; the voice of the CBS Evening News before Mr. Hite)
I'd be most appreciative as to who was who here, as I grew up with many of them as I did with the announcers of the other TV stations in the city. To make it easy, they can say "#1 is..." or "#4 is..."
Good luck and godspeed with the site . . .

William Brown, New York City.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Where is Myron Hall?

Goody Freed
The fall of 1957, John Ewing, Apollo Taleporos and I, were sent to Redwood City on a secret mission for several months to train under Mr. Ginsberg, Ampex's inventor of the system, on all aspects of how the system worked and how edits were to be made with a Gillette razor blade and silver splicing tape. We were to have a fully operating system by Daylight Savings Time, 1958, so that we could boast to Madison Ave. that we could, on a tape delay, feed a program at the same time across the U.S.A. on the CBS TV Network --- this was a momentous asset to the advertiser's Madison Ave. agencies.
Further, the full blown Tape Department was on the seventh floor at G.C. and the two names that you mention were not the first operators
in Video Tape -- in fact I left CTN December 1959 as Engineer in Charge to rejoin Dr. Goldmark In Stamford, CT. as Director of Military & Industrial Systems and your two names were not brought to the Dept. at that time.

John Koushouris

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I believe the first video tape recorders from Ampex, Mod. 1000? Serial numbers 1 & 2 were installed in the old TVR in Grand Central. They were only accessible to a privileged few, of which I was not one. I could only look at them from a distance. They did not last long in that location, as it was decided to move them up to the fourth floor, and that started the video tape department. The first operators were Marty Murphy and Red Steiger.
This was around 1957.

de Joe Janovsky

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It seems to me I remember crossing the catwalk on my way to studio 43, that it was on the right side and somewhat of an oddity----
not sure i am right!

Bob Vernum
Golden Days Of Television..Bob Wilson..John Koushouris and the rest of C.B.S. Retirees...How about some of your memories of the Golden Days of Television? ..My Days at Grand Central were great...But my time at Color Studio 72 with Frank Florio... Frank Fink... Hugo Ripp Joe Geiger... Lou Tedesco. Color Cameras.. Film Cameras. LIVE SHOWS..BIG Record... Arthur Godfrey ...Cinderella..Help I can't remember everything.....It was a great time to be at C.B.S. as they say it made my day........Can anyone remember where the first Video Tape Recorder was installed at G.C.??

Harold Deppe
P.S. Thanks for the reply on the photo..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sorry Charlie;

left to right:

De Harry Peterson

After deep consultation with Jay Chichon we decided
that the person behind Harold Deppe is Myron Hall and not Marth.

From Dave Schwartz:
CBS packs up Television City
Most departments moving to Studio City
They're packing up boxes at CBS Television City, as the network makes its long-awaited change of address at the end of the month.
Eye officially moves its West Coast headquarters to its CBS Studio Center lot in Studio City (commonly referred to as the "Radford lot") on March 31.
The new 162,000-square-foot building, which has been housing CBS-owned stations KCBS and KCAL since last April, will also lodge Eye topper Leslie Moonves' West Coast office. It will be the home base for CBS Paramount TV Network Entertainment Group head Nancy Tellem and CBS Entertainment prexy Nina Tassler.
Much of the CBS Entertainment team will also make the move to the building, although some departments will remain at Television City. Plan is to gradually bring other staffers over in waves.
Move has been in the works for years; CBS drew up plans for the building in 2003, and broke ground in 2005. The Entertainment division move will unite many of CBS' TV businesses on the same lot, including network and studio: CBS Paramount Network TV has operated from the Radford lot since July 2006.
In August, magazine strips "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider" will also head to CBS Studio Center from their current base on the Paramount lot on Melrose.
As for Television City, the historic landmark -- which first opened in 1952 -- isn't in danger of disappearing. Unlike Columbia Square, which went dark after CBS sold the facility and KCBS/KCAL (plus KNX and KCBS-FM) moved out, TV City is still owned by the Eye and will remain an active facility.
For starters, Eye productions such as "The Price Is Right" and "The Young and the Restless" will continue to be shot there (and the soundstages will still be available for rental to the likes of "American Idol" and "Dancing With the Stars").
Also, CBS Paramount Intl. TV is moving in June into the third-floor executive suite that will be vacated by Moonves, Tellem, Tassler and company.
Move means that, come April, Fox will rep the only major broadcast net not located in the San Fernando Valley.
NBC Entertainment, meanwhile, is prepping its own move this year, from its current Burbank digs to the Universal lot. (Peacock staffers have already started moving over in waves.) ABC hopped from Century City to Burbank in 2000.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Myron Hall.

It JUST came to me. Lovely man.


Correction to the latest picture posted on the web.
The person id'd as Frank Marth is Myron Hall who worked in EC operations.

Les Burkhardt
Yes, that's John W. but that is not Frank Marth. It's Myron Hall.

Goody Freed

That is definitely not pix of Frank Marth.
See pix of Frank at:

de Jay Chicon

Number two sure looks like Myron Hall to me.

Bob Wilson

Sunday, March 16, 2008




Sounds right to me...
Here is an old picture (from 1973) from Harold Deppe.
That's Harold on the left, and George Gray on the right...
but who are the others???

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Victor Vinuelas will be missed by many. What a sweet man. He had a special smile & look, like the cat that ate the canary.
A nice guy.

Goody Freed

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This picture is being shared with our friends and loved ones. It's happy times in Florida.
I pray that we all enjoy gool health and good times.
We miss you all...
Lynn and Lee Levy

Thank you so much for your reply. My mother (his oldest daughter) would talk about when he got stabbed. When I was young he brought me to the Captain Kangaroo studio. I remember that. I am his oldest grandchild. He was living in Florida near my mother, and for the last nine months before he died he was in Arizona with his son. He was tan and happy! He died in August of '04. I had just become pregnant and one of the very last conversations with him was telling him that he had a second great-grandchild on the way. I hope life has treated you well. Thank you for reaching out to me.


-----Original Message-----From: To: jenzz9@aol.comSent: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 5:49 pmSubject: Pat Mcbride

Hi Jennifer

I just read your note in CBS Retirees.I knew Pat for the 43 years I worked for
CBS. I did not know he passed away. My condolences.
Pat was known as an excellent cameraman. CBS had many crews. I worked with all
of them so I did work with Pat. I also remember when he was stabbed near Studio
51 on 9th Ave.& 56th street.

Harold Schutzman

Monday, March 10, 2008


I would like to add my thoughts to the Pat Mc Bride piece. I know Patty was a studio camera man for all those many years, but I remember him as the camera man from the 15th Flanker/16th tee at the Masters. In my 11 years as the tech manager of the Masters, Patty always had the shot of the golf ball rolling back off of the 15th green and into the water and the ensuing ripples. Pat was an excellent camera man but more then that he was a gentleman.

Bill Naeder
I don't often respond to the passing of our brothers, I simply keep them in my thoughts. Patty, however, will be an exception. How can I describe him? Outstanding camerman, in a class by himself, friend, professional - always worked without direction. I had the honor of being his TD on many studio shows and remotes such as the Masters, the US open tennis for thirteen years and Captain Kangaroo.
His presence lightened all around him. He was one of the most requested by some of the most talented directors and producers. I cannot remember him ever complaining or questioning assignments. I am sorry it took four years to learn of his passing, he will be remembered. Let me not forget his Irish sense of humor not only with his funny tales but also with his artistic use of his camera lens on unsuspecting females at the us open...wish I could say more. Rest in peace Patty, your good friend,

Bob Vernum
I'm sorry to inform you that Victor Vinuelas passed away on March 6th.
He retired from Videotape operations and was living in Arizona.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pat McBride was a SUPERB Cameraman always contributing the "creme de la creme" of the productions he worked when measured against all Networks during the 15 years I was at CBS and then some!.
I rate him an "ACE" for the artistic contributions he made to the Shows he worked.

John Koushouris.
----- Original Message -----From:
Date: Saturday, March 8, 2008 12:36 am
Subject: relative of CBS retiree

Hello, my name is Jennifer Sampugnaro. I stumbled upon the CBS retiree website in searching for something else.
I am the granddaughter of Dennis "Pat" McBride who was a long time CBS cameraman.
I don't know if anyone associated with this retiree group knows who he was. He died about four years ago.
I did not see his picture posted on the In Memoriam section on the website and I did not know if anyone knew that he had passed away.
Please let me know if you knew him.
Thank you.

Hi Jennifer,
We all remember Pat McBride, he was part of the studio show crew. we were aware of his passing. Our condolences on your loss. I will pass this e-mail to Dave Minott, as he is our Webmaster and will look into it.
Tony Casola

Thursday, March 06, 2008

From Harold Schutzman:

Why is the top of the hour time tone off by 8 seconds?

WCBS now broadcasts in high definition. It takes 8 seconds for HD to encode and then decode at a HD receiver. Consequently, the regular analog signal must be delayed 8 seconds in order for the broadcasts to synch. Also, it is not as simple as starting the time tone 8 seconds earlier to make it hit the airwave "on time." The issue is much more complex. However, WCBS is working to find a solution as HD radio becomes more mainstream.
For more information on HD radio, visit hdradio

Monday, March 03, 2008

Thanks again Gady.
I had Gene Reynolds here, at UC San Diego a couple of months ago giving a lecture.
You can see it on Distinguished Lecture Series.
Additionally, 2 former CBS AD's (now Directors) - Peter Levin and Jim Drake gave lectures this academic year.
Hope all is well with you and Ruth.

Stanley Faer

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Here is a site where you will find video interviews (2-4 hours long in 1/2 hour segments) with many of the greats behind and in-front of the camera. Scroll down the right side. I've looked at interviews with John Frankenheimer, John Moffitt, Vince Calandra and Heino Ripp. They all contain great stuff about the old days at CBS. If you take them a bit at a time you will find them very rewarding. Frankenheimer started at CBS, Moffit directed and AD'd Sullivan, Calandra was a PA & talent co-ordinator on Sullivan and went on to produce talk/variety shows and Ripp was NBC's first TD and worked every great show from Como thru Saturday Night Live.
TV Interviews Archive


Saturday, March 01, 2008

O.K. -- Here's the final clue.
The picture I referenced as the Steve Allen Show circa 1951 is in the Freddie Shutz's collection in the clip designated as "Johnson Ranch".
That's it.

There are Retirees that could still make this Website interesting..They are... John Koushouris.....Bob Wilson...
The Webmaster...and the rest of us who never write in..
Harold Deppe