Sunday, February 10, 2008

To our many friends and caring folks, I offer this up-to-the-minute update on Al's (not Alice's) adventures in (not Wonderland) the field of open heart surgery........:o)Within the past 2 weeks and 2 days, the journey that Al has traveled has been no less than spectacular and (guardedly optimistic) miraculous! After his 6-hour open heart surgery which involved replacement of his damaged mitral valve with a bovine valve, and 2 bypasses, leaving him with 2 incisions each the better part of a foot long (on his chest and on his leg), he spent 3 days in the ICU and 3 more days on a regular floor of Englewood Hospital before transferring to the Helen Hayes Rehab Hospital in Haverstraw where he is getting superb rehabilitation. He has, in this short period of time, gone from a needles+tubes+monitors+weak voice/body man to a strong voiced, dressed and independent wheelchair-bound, person who, awaiting discharge to the home this coming week, greeted me in the lobby of the hospital while he was awaiting a haircut!!! He also informed me, that evening, that he attended church services--Helen Hayes is really a fantastic place!For the 86-year-"young" man my husband is, I am both pleased and proud! Al sends everyone hie greetings,Best wishes,

Renata Cafiero

Renata: Please send all our wishes to Al and congratulate him on a speedy recovery.
Yes, I know it isn't over yet (the fat lady has NOT sung!), but the dangerous part is
now past, and only the painful part is left to conquer.
I know exactly what is going on, as the same surgery was necessary for my 91 year
old Father-in Law. He is now 93 and enjoying every moment of his newly regained life!
This includes dancing, shooting pool and flirting with all the ladies at his assisted
living home! Watch Al carefully, as he may take a turn for the nurse...