Saturday, February 09, 2008

I was troubled by Harold Deppe's Ampex picture because the face was so familiar, but my aged brain could not place it.
Thanks to Dick Bauer via Harold Schutzman my mind is at ease, Bill Honeycutt, Chief Engineer of KRLD, Dallas later becoming KDFW, was a valuable friend of CBS Field Operations over the years beginning with the first CBS telecast of the Cotton Bowl in the early fifties. He worked closely with CBS on all the many events in Dallas covered by CBS and was respected by all CBS staff that knew him. I am not sure that it appears in the website photo gallery but Bill appeared in one of George Klimcsak's photos, taken at the Johnson ranch, passed around at one our luncheons. Anyway the posting prompted good memories.My thanks to Harold Deppe for keeping the pot stirring.

Bob Wilson

Here is a link to the Johnson ranch photo: Johnson ranch