Friday, February 22, 2008

The following show, originally seen in June 1964 will be rebroadcast on April 8th on GSN.
It's a special show spotlighting some of the talents of the people who work on the show.
12th anniversary show. Game 1 guests are the four stand-ins for the panel. They are Bob Drew, Kate Tacooney, George Dowd, Jane Cox
Game 2 guest is producer Chester Feldman, who made a dress for Betsy Palmer.
Game 3 guests are members of the staff displaying their other talents. Commercial producer Herb Strauss is a folksinger. Stage manager Harry Rhode is a tapdancer and taught Ed Sullivan how to dance. CBS program practices rep John Hundling was a singer on Broadway and introduced the song "With a song in my heart" in 1929. Director Clarence Schimmel and Roy Blakeman of the G-T office perform a trumpet duet.

Dave Schwartz