Wednesday, February 06, 2008


When I went to the Photo Archives concerning the"Page 11 Update, my eye caught the photo of the 4th picture on the second row of photos. This is the picture of the"CBS Broadband Switchboard at TV City." I became familiar with this device back in 1966. This device was more locally referred to as the "Cross Patch," back in the Black & White TV days when TV City was built. The cross patch was designed to assign the control of such video devices such as cameras, video tape machines, telecine chains and telop devices to the four studios of TV City. One of the first projects I was assigned to work on when I came to CBS in '66
was the installation of the PC70 color cameras for TV City's Studios 31 & 33. As I recall I worked with Joe Bonomo, John Hartnett and Art Shubert on this project. We had to wire the PC70's remote functions thru this patch cross so I became very familiar with its use. Thought some of the old timers would be interested in these facts.

Jim Herschel