Sunday, February 17, 2008


Thanks for the comment, I am compiling a list of stories now...
It is funny, as I think that I need to put a disclaimer on them because, you know how it is, facts can get blurred in the event of a good story.
So, right from the start, I would like to say that if anyone can add, um, clarity to the stories that I post, that would be appreciated.
Goody Freed, yes, you are correct. My dad did help MANY people... but since I cannot openly talk about those anonymous situations myself,
I would like to focus on the other memorable things that he did.
Here is a short list of the ones that come to the top of my head: These are the ones from my childhood years:

When he was in grammar school and bedridden. His only friend was the radio and that was his inspiration to get into broadcasting.
"The Infamous Rat Story." Did he ever tell you about the one when he was a kid working in a Newark bakery and, well,
the head baker found an effective way to keep pests outta the kitchen.
"Bubble Gum for Everyone": He and his best friend are getting into trouble on his newspaper route... and he shows up a teacher in the end.

These are the early broadcasting stories:

My dad's "first gig", I think it was for Channel 13, as a stand-in DJ for a live broadcast.
This would have been all good except for that fact that it was IN SPANISH!
"The Tower": in a blizzard somewhere in NJ, climbing up a radio tower to fix an antenna.
"Out the Window." Does anyone remember the story when they were live and someone forgot to lock the reels on the tape machine... and the tape gets entangled on the floor... and, so the story goes, they decided to throw it out the window... then Paley walks in!
The Ed Sullivan Years:
"The Ping Pong" story... What happens when you want to know where a ping pong is made and it is 30 seconds to go live.
"Elephants and Ostriches" .... Remember when Mr. Sullivan used to introduce the wrong performer on the show?
"Stick 'Em Up" .... when a cameraman jumps in front of his camera during a live show to hide it from the audience.
There are a TON more... and I will ask my dad to fill in the blanks.

Best regards,
John M. Zavocki