Thursday, February 21, 2008


As a frequent visitor, sometimes contributer, non-CBS retiree who visits your site often, I need a favor.
As a fanatic fan of television history and a former NBC Page, I have, for the past 15 years, been searching for and have finally found a vintage RCA TK44 studio camera which I am currently in the process of restoring. I know that a 1970s vintage camera is not old to some of your members, but it represents an important time in my life and will someday soon be an antique.
My goal is to restore the camera cosmetically as close to factory fresh as possible and display it in my home office. I am having difficulty however locating the proper era-appropriate tripod head and tripod. Even though RCA products weren't used by CBS during the 70s, I thought perhaps one of your members might suggest the proper camera support. Close as I can tell, it is a Vinten product, but I may be wrong.
Perhaps you could suggest a member to contact who might know the answer to my question and maybe even where I could find one.
John Smith