Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hi Dave,

Hope you are well. I met Bern Bennett when he stopped in the old Grand Central maintenance shop for a chat. It must have been after 1957. He used to carry a photograph of himself engaged in his favorite pastime, which he was willing to show to any and everyone; after all, he had to maintain his reputation. As for Dennis Maitland, the only time I saw him on a recurring basis must have been toward the end of 1953, on Tiny Servoss' crew. We were doing "Love of Life" out of studio 54 in Liederkranz. He was into ceramics at the time, and was making ceramic mugs for the boys. He promised me a special mug which I wanted to give to some friends of mine, but he never delivered. It was shortly after that he left for Hollywood as the big audio man from the East. He is listed as one of 2 sound recordists on "The Out of Towners" with Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis (a great film) which has a release date of 1970, according to the Internet Movie Data Base ( where you can get any and all information on any movie ever made, including personnel. The name Maitland occurs on several films, which might be offspring, or what have you. Anybody out there from Tiny's crew? Or is my memory playing tricks on me?
Regards to all from Joe Janovsky.