Thursday, January 24, 2008

For John Koushoursis

Bob Wilson

Pioneer no way, Survivor most likely, Dinosaur nearing the stage

John, the closest I ever came to a pioneer at CBS was being sent, as an FCC licensed mailboy, by E.K.Cohan to pick up two heaters for the cabin of the boat being used in the construction of Columbia Island. E.K.Cohan is pictured with the television equipment of W2XAB, CBSs first television operation back in 1931. Website: It is interesting to note that CBS had a seven-hour, seven-day television broadcast schedule from July 1931 until Feb. 1933 when it was shut down by the bean counters. There was a depression going on. W2XAB even telecast the 1932 election results. This was a more ambitious schedule than that started in 1941 which only, as I recall, included five -four and a half hour days of live programming and two or three hours of film on Saturday afternoons.

Anyway Ive been on board since Les Burkhardt started Wannabes and then became the webmaster of this site. All of us owe a big vote of thanks to Les and to Dave Minott, Ted Perzeszty and Tony Casola who have carried on the work. And to Hal Deppe who keeps stiring the pot. It takes a lot of time and effort. It would be nice to hear from many others, who, instead of just fading away, would make their presence known

So still aboard but as an old song says, Dont get around much anymore.