Thursday, January 31, 2008

The ABC & NBC TV Networks had at least one female booth announcer. At ABC there had been Mrs. Barbara Korsen (nee Daniels), the same Mrs. Korsen who had previously worked as a booth announcer at New York City, N.Y.'s Channel 9 TV in the late-1970s and early-1980s. Could you tell me why do you think that the CBS-TV Network never had a female booth announcer. I feel that a lady named Jesse Elin Browne, who worked with Mrs. Korsen as a fellow female booth announcer at New York City, N.Y.'s Channel 9 TV also during the late-1970s and early-1980s could have been a staff announcer at the CBS-TV Network in New York City. Again could you tell why do you think that the CBS-TV Network practically never had a New York City-based female staff booth announcer. Please reply to me as soon as possible via E-Mail to Thank you.

I am screening the oldest 1950 episodes for re-airing on GSN starting February 25th.
We had always assumed that the first shows came from Grand Central studios, but in show #2 John Daly refers to people here in our theater.
In the show from April 1950, the announcer says from CBS Studio 51 at the beginning of the show.

Dave Schwartz
John M.

just know that your daddy did a lot of wild & crazy things. But the thing he did best was save a lot of lives while he straightened out his own. Yes, a lot of people owe their lives to John Zavocki. I wish him the best.

Goody Freed
Harold was a very gentle & sweet man. Those he touched are better for it. I hope he had a good life.
Goody Freed

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I just wanted to let you know that John Zavocki just moved to Florida this January.
Sharp as ever, he is doing well and is living closer to his grandson Christopher Jon, age one and a half.
Every now and then it is a good idea to Google your name and, because I am proud to share my father's name,
I sometimes come across things about him. I saw on your site that one member has written "every tech can tell you a John Zavocki" story" and,
being his son, I have heard a ton. I would like to add that if anyone has a story about my father that they would like to share,
I would love to hear about it... and maybe we can exchange notes...
Does anyone remember the one about the ping-pong balls?

Best regards,
John "M" Zavocki

Hey, John, why not send in some of your stories
for us to put up here on the website!


Monday, January 28, 2008

I Sent the book to Bud Hlaverty.

Cal Marotta

John Koushouris wrote a book called the Golden Age...been there, done that. That has been circulated thru this site. His e-mail address is He was very fond of your dad as we all were. It is quite possible that this is the referred book. FYI the Google box on the first website page will bring up references to submissins to this CBS retirees site. e.g., ENTER FRANK HARVEY for references to your dad, JOHN KOUSHOURIS for DITTO. The book, last I heard, was in the hands of Cal Marotta. Perhaps John can help you there. At the very least, he should have wonderful stories about your dad. Best wishes on your search.

Frank Novack
I'm sorry to report that Harold Michaels passed away yesterday. Services will be held tomorrow, January 29th, at 10:30 A.M.
at the Joseph Smith funeral home at 692 Rte. 6 in Mahopac, NY. Phone: 845-621-1992.Here is a link to directions and a map: Joseph Smith Funeral Home.
Burial follows at the Mt. Hebron cemetery, 130-04 Horace Harding Expressway, Flushing, NY 11367. Here is a link to the directions and a map: Mt. Hebron

I just read mention on your web site about my father Frank Harvey, who passed away in 1999. He would have loved this web site.Dave was telling the story about the Ben Hogan divot, which lived in a silver bucket in our backyard for quite some time as I recall. My dad was a cameraman for CBS. He mentioned that he wrote a book called The Golden Age.I would love to learn where I could purchase the book The Golden Age. It would mean so much to me and my two sisters. If someone could write me and tell me where I might find this book, I would appreciate it so much.
Thank you,
Karen Harvey Cox

Thursday, January 24, 2008

For John Koushoursis

Bob Wilson

Pioneer no way, Survivor most likely, Dinosaur nearing the stage

John, the closest I ever came to a pioneer at CBS was being sent, as an FCC licensed mailboy, by E.K.Cohan to pick up two heaters for the cabin of the boat being used in the construction of Columbia Island. E.K.Cohan is pictured with the television equipment of W2XAB, CBSs first television operation back in 1931. Website: It is interesting to note that CBS had a seven-hour, seven-day television broadcast schedule from July 1931 until Feb. 1933 when it was shut down by the bean counters. There was a depression going on. W2XAB even telecast the 1932 election results. This was a more ambitious schedule than that started in 1941 which only, as I recall, included five -four and a half hour days of live programming and two or three hours of film on Saturday afternoons.

Anyway Ive been on board since Les Burkhardt started Wannabes and then became the webmaster of this site. All of us owe a big vote of thanks to Les and to Dave Minott, Ted Perzeszty and Tony Casola who have carried on the work. And to Hal Deppe who keeps stiring the pot. It takes a lot of time and effort. It would be nice to hear from many others, who, instead of just fading away, would make their presence known

So still aboard but as an old song says, Dont get around much anymore.
" The soul is connected to the heart bone......"

Just imagine you have been sent to the lounge with all your fellow retirees gathered to pray for you
and scheduling has released you. I feel you will do well . I feel it in my B.NES.
Successful surgery, my friend,
Frank Novack

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hi gang,

Last month, I wrote of what I thought would be a difficult decision about having open heart surgery.
I have 3 arteries that are considerably blocked, and a damaged mitral valve.
Well, it was not so difficult a decision after speaking with the surgeon.
I feel a 93% chance of success is pretty good odds.
I will be having the surgery at Englewood Hospital this Friday, 1/25.
Besides, I
must say to Dave and Frank
that I will need all the strength I can get to keep ahead of that 20-year-old man looking to get back his bones.
Wish me luck!


Yes, Al, we all do wish you luck and I'm sure that many a prayer will
be said in your behalf. Think positive and keep up your strength and spirit!

Here is a link to the Paley Center for Media and the full article on Frances Buch:
Click here --> Paley Center Article
Here is an interesting article, courtesy of Dave Schwartz, about CBS's first woman Director, Frances Buch.
Click here --> First Woman Director

Monday, January 21, 2008

I would like to say to each one of you "Thanks" these last two weeks for Vernon was made special because you either called or sent him a card ... when he heard your voice or saw your card, I read him your words his eyes got big and a big smile came across his face, for a few moments he forgot his pain.
On January 19th I lost my best friend.
You may go to this website for his obituary > Vern's Obituary
What I really admire about you boys you stick together like a band of brothers even if years have passed by. May God Bless each one of you.
Thank you
Vikki Cook, wife

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Re: Bob Wilson

When I left CBS for the first time in 1959 for MGM Telestudios I sent a note to Bob thanking him for the experience and knowledge gained in Video Maintenance at Studio 50. He replied that anytime I wanted to return, he would recommend my re-hiring. I did return in 1964 thanks to Sid Kaufman, Bob Hammer and I'm sure input from Bob Wilson.
Bob, looking backwards from how things turned out, THANK YOU !
Now you can use your mouse,

Frank Novack
John Koushouris...

You say grab the mouse and say Hello ...We need a new mouse Trap..This one is not working .we have been trying for Years. You and many more of us ..that were around at the start of this great Invention Television; and can use a mousecould make this Website very interesting......Hope we get a better mouse Trap....

Best Regards,
Harold Deppe..

Friday, January 18, 2008

Those of you who may know Bob Wilson, either personally or by reputation, are aware of the endless contributions he has made to the development of Television in its earliest years whereby he has earned the right to wear the Badge of "Television PIONEER!"
john koushouris
P.S. I wrote this to see if I couln't jog him enough to grab the mouse and say "Hello, nice to be aboard".

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I had a DIMM .in the Jan. of my life now its Dec.. and its ..SIMM It may be Dec. in our lives but there is still time to send in a word or Two..
Wish we had some Photos of N.Y. Studios as they are Today..
It seems no one cares.. I do....


Harold Deppe

Dennis's son,Todd, used to do boom for Dennis on film here on the east coast.
I still see credits for Todd as soundman on film shot in the NY area.

Harold schutzman

I was just trying to ( RAM ) home a point to keep this website interesting...


Harold Deppe

You certainly don't have a DIMM memory!
The last credit I saw for Dennis Maitland was for Dennis Maitland JR.
Dennis had an IATSE card so his transfer to Hollywood had more than a CBS job in view.
As for Bern Bennet, he used to regale us on the late shift in Studio 43 Grand Central....Pictures and all!
He's retired and in his 80's now. Keep it going!...

Harry Charles

Monday, January 14, 2008


Some time ago a Retiree said he had a box full of Photos in his Attic and said...He would them in.....
We are still waiting .. please send them in ...Keep this Site going.
( A Picture is worth 10 K. words )

Harold Deppe

Is that really 10k, or is it 1024x10???

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hi Dave,

It seems that our boy Dennis has quite a few accomplishments to his credit. According to IMDB he pioneered the use of wireless microphones and sound equalization within the industry (motion pictures), and was the first sound mixer to engineer a digital motion picture sound track. He fathered a number of children all of whom are in the audio field. Tell me why does someone of his age with all those accomplishments then become a second boom operator on a recent film (2006). I couldn't even get on a boom if I wanted to. Oh Dennis, oh Dennis, where is my promised ceramic coffee mug? More stories to come.

Joe Janovsky.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Here is another nostalgia photo. This was taken in the Broadcast Center Field Shop Garage at the "Christening Party for MU-6
where I presented the mobile unit key to Bob Wilson. The cast of characters L to R is:
Stan Green, Jim Herschel, Bob Wilson and Bob Hammer.
I tie-wrapped one of the champagne corks to the right rear of the trailer and it remained there until MU-6 was decommissioned many years later.
This was a great project for me as the Project Manager and I still think about a lot of the people who worked with me on this.
John Hartnet, John Karpus, Bill Nader, Sam Ambrosio, Bruno Gumpel.... and many more that I just can't recall.

Jim Herschel

Hi Dave,

Hope you are well. I met Bern Bennett when he stopped in the old Grand Central maintenance shop for a chat. It must have been after 1957. He used to carry a photograph of himself engaged in his favorite pastime, which he was willing to show to any and everyone; after all, he had to maintain his reputation. As for Dennis Maitland, the only time I saw him on a recurring basis must have been toward the end of 1953, on Tiny Servoss' crew. We were doing "Love of Life" out of studio 54 in Liederkranz. He was into ceramics at the time, and was making ceramic mugs for the boys. He promised me a special mug which I wanted to give to some friends of mine, but he never delivered. It was shortly after that he left for Hollywood as the big audio man from the East. He is listed as one of 2 sound recordists on "The Out of Towners" with Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis (a great film) which has a release date of 1970, according to the Internet Movie Data Base ( where you can get any and all information on any movie ever made, including personnel. The name Maitland occurs on several films, which might be offspring, or what have you. Anybody out there from Tiny's crew? Or is my memory playing tricks on me?
Regards to all from Joe Janovsky.
Hi Dave..

This is a Photo taken on May 11,1938. It's an Iconoscope Camera...The early Days of Television ... It was W2XBS New York..
The Mike is hanging from above by a rope..The Actor is Burgess Meredith...
Thought it might be of interest to some of the old Timers..
P.S. I know of one Person that remembers that Camera .....Bob Wilson..

Harold Deppe

Monday, January 07, 2008

I am sending this to you about my husband Vernon Cook. We were informed on Jan 5th that he has Stage 4 Liver and Pancreatic Cancer.
Getting this news is shocking and depressing. I feel that if Vernon could just hear from some of his old buddies by way of phone calls or cards it will help him in his depression. Keeping him in good spirits is very important during this time. He is in Roanoke Memorial Hospital, Roanoke Virginia .... Vernon's Room phone # 540-266-5100 (this could change if he is moved) Vernon's address: PO Box 36, Troutville VA 24175
If you could post this info I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for a moment of your time,
Vikki Cook

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Harold Shutzman;

Bob Miller, one of your fellow audio engineers told me about another FAUX New Years live feed. Bobby set up his equipment in the hotel ballroom amongst the revelers with careful attention to the public address levels. The band leader was notorious for giving orders to the audio person. He told Bobby to increase the P.A. level but he was told they had been set just short of feed back conditions. Not one to suffer fools gladly, the band leader asked which pot controlled P.A. and when told he reached across Bobby and increased the level. Bedlam ensued as massive feedback joined in with the sound of horns and inebriated HAPPY NEW YEARS greetings among the assembled patrons welcoming the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR+FEEDBACK + HORNS+OLD LANG SYNE=BRAND NEW YEAR!
Unfortunately this occurred five minutes before midnight. At midnight the patrons had no more to give. The network cut to a deathly hushed live feed.
For the good times,

Frank Novack

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I was there, but the years all run together.The director was Vinnie Walters. Roy Jackson
was focused on the full MOON. At midnight the ball dropped......
but the Moon did not.

Harold Schutzman