Friday, December 21, 2007

Seeing that it is the holiday season, those of us outside of your CBS family would enjoy hearing stories or sharing memories of any Christmas programs produced by the talented New York crews.

Gosh, I sure miss those great Christmas specials the networks used to do. All we are left with these days that's worth watching is the 1965 Charlie Brown Christmas!

On another note, I was watching a David Letterman re-run last night...and they are digging deep these days with the writer's strike--and it reminded me that there have been several requests on this Web site for stories, memories and photos from any of you who worked in Studio 50 aka The Ed Sullivan Theatre. I got to thinking last night as I watched Dave and Oprah walk through the lobby of the theatre that perhaps 50 is one of the oldest continuously operating broadcast studios in the US--is it not? Perhaps it shares the honor with Studio 8-H over at NBC. I am sure someone out there can say for sure.

Happy Holidays!
JR Smith
Scottsdale, AZ

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