Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sand Hill Cranes are large impressive birds. Here in Cypress Lakes there are generally 2 to 4 of them around all year and they tend to make their way around the community, probably looking for someone to give them something to eat.
From my perspective, they are very stoic, quiet and unafraid of humans. Occasionally, if you hear one "honk", it is very loud. If you approach them, they slowly walk away keeping their distance unless you have some bread to offer.
They are something to see in flight with their large wingspan.
One thing about feeding these birds. It's best not to do it. If you choose to feed them, rest assured they will return the next day looking for you and another handout. If you continue feeding on a regular basis then quit. Don't be surprised if your patio screen is torn to shreds as they try to seek you out.
This is a photo of my son Scott feeding a couple of them for one day only. They did return the next day but we ignored them in order to stay out of trouble.

Lee Levy