Friday, December 07, 2007

Jim Moran question

My name is Jim Moran, a free-lance TV journalist who is trying to archive vintage TV soap operas for development of a website.This is an appeal to your organization's membership for contributions & leads to possible places where old kinescopes and/or video of CBS-run soap operas of the past may be found.

After having unsuccessfully tried Procter & Gamble, who doesn't have much in the way of archival media prior to 1980, and with the approaching dismantling (in 2009) of the only other website where one may view on-line TV soap operas of the distant past  (World of Soap Themes), I am trying to build another website devoted to older daytime TV drama, as an on-line repository, something that will be valuable for research as well as for those unable to visit one of the broadcast museums on either coast or in Chicago, to view episodes of the long popular broadcasting genre.

Thank you.
Jim Moran