Sunday, December 23, 2007

Joe Janofsky,

I enjoyed your recent contribution re: John Halpin and the early T.D.'S. John and I worked video together on "STRIKE IT RICH and the "BIG PAYOFF." He had just started to delve into hypnosis and we were his subjects. He even hypnotized me through that great notice " checks are here!" then brought me out of that sleepy state. Some might say I still have not come out of it. I believe John put up a shingle as a practicing hypnotist.
Some other Technical Directors I have not seen mentioned but whose crews worked big shows:
Charlie Lyons (Godfrey)
Al DiCaprio (Fred Waring)
Ben Russ
Paul Hale
"Everything's covered, can I go home now?" usually addressed to Frances Nakamura at scheduling by techs with crossed fingers assigned to lounge.
Small buckets with ice hooked underneath RCA TK-30 CAMERA HEAD
fans when studio conditions got too hot.
Frank Novack