Thursday, December 20, 2007


Hi Dave,
Merry Christmas! I hope you are well. Do you think I can get in on this
latest nostalgia kick? I remember walking on those glass catwalks in Grand
Central at daybreak, and seeing rats bigger than cats crawling all over the
loading platforms. As for names--who can ever forget the "colonel", Fred
Hough, in Telecine Maintenance? Johnny Halpin and his many conquests;
Perry Bromfield prophesizing Kennedy's death in office even before he was
nominated; Jay Jack Howerton touting Halliburton stock (I lost money on that
one); Bert Grady, Phil Goetz, Jack Hagarty, Al Sabin, Bob Heuberger, George
Keck, Tiny Servoss, etc., etc.
I started at CBS toward the end of 1953, and they had me going around to the
various shows, observing. One of the shows I observed was "I Remember Mama"
out of the old 42. It so happened that the air-conditioning failed and the
studio became unbearable until some enterprising individual(s) came up with
a bunch of galvanized laundry tubs filled with ice, and an appropiate number
of electric fans to blow the air over the ice onto the set. Now that has
got to be an outstanding example of "the show must go on".
For Harold Deppe: I spent 2 1/2 years at the Empire transmitter, what would
you like to know? That's a great building, the Empire State.
Regards to all, Joe Janovsky.