Saturday, December 08, 2007

Harold Schutzman

Hi Dave

I guess Frank Novak & Harold Deppe lit a fuse.

I forgot what I had for dinner yesterday but I remember some of the
broadcasts I was connected with. I use the term Broadcast instead
of Show to keep with Company Policy. Some may remember
Fred Friendly, after watching in his office, storming into studio 33
and announcing "The Ed Sullivan Show is a show, News is a Broadcast".

Doug Edwards and the News  Grand Central  St. 41
After that  Walter Cronkite and the News  Control room in 41  and the Cronkite
studio in the Graybar Building on Lexington Ave. When The broadcast went to a
half hour, all in studio 41.  ( I may be wrong about the timing of the switchover)
The 6:00PM and 11:00PM local news also in studio 41 until Broadcast Center
 and then to new studio 46. Way back in the 1950s local news came out of
studio 55 Lederkrantz Hall.

How about Technical Directors
Charley Grenier,Vernon Gamble, George Keck, Frank Belcastro, Dick Crane,
Bill Guyon  Harold Clason, Gill Miller, Charley Lyons, Joe Calvanico, Lou Tedesco,
Dwight Temple, Bob Hart (spelling?). 
In Field  Sam Levin, Vernon Cheesman, Sandy Bell.
I'm sure I left out some more.  

Harold Schutzman