Friday, December 07, 2007

Jay Chicon

Harold I remember it well......Plus:

January 1950......My first day of work at CBS......Studio 42, rehearsal of "Studio One" drama program.

Crew was Bill Guyon and Hal Classon on cameras, George Gould TD, Joe Calvanico audio,

Lou Tedesco video, Dick Douglas on boom, I was right behind Joe providing the recorded

music cues from 2 RCA Turntables.

Director was Frank Schaffner. Assistant Director Lila Swift. Amazing that I remember the names.

Bob Sammon had a small office next to the maintenance shop and Telecine where they later had

the Kinescope Machines using 16mm film that was sensitive to blue light.

Grand Central Terminal was an amazing place. Remember the glass corridors that you could walk across

and look down on the huge main floor?

Jay Chichon