Saturday, December 08, 2007

Harold Deppe

  Yes I remember The glass.. it also let us look at the Hotel but that's another story...
I remember Pappy Treat In ST 44.. Nat Degutz;.V.Gamble( The Great White Father} Director..  Don Hewett.... The Show .."I remember Mamma" in ST.41 also "Danger"  in ST.42 and "Man Against Crime".. Ralph Bellamy ..all live  Television  St..ONE..etc..
Then we move to 57th St. That becomes Chapter 2  when my Memory comes back.
Correction ...T.V.R. was on the 2nd Floor.  Do you  Remember how the Scenery came up to the Third Floor Studios??  Lets see how many do..
Video Tape and John Koushouris later was on an upper Grand Central..
Harold Deppe.