Saturday, December 08, 2007

Harry Peterson

Harold and Jay,
I remember it, but the details are dimmed. It was June,1951,
my first day at work for CBS ..... RADIO. That was the day of the first sponsored COLOR television show using the CBS field sequential system. The sponsor was LONGINES WITTNAUER and the announcer was Frank Knight.
Some manufacturers had produced sets for display and they had set these up in the Radio Studio Building, studio 21, right around the corner from 485 Madison Avenue. An incredible sight; a dozen sets, or more, all producing spectacular COLOR TV pictures.
In this studio ARTHUR GODFREY would later hold court with his simulcast morning show using the NTSC system.
Radio was in the process of being downsized and in the late 50's I joined a group that was transferred to TV. Most found ourselves in videotape.
I also remember the glass walkways above the main area of Grand Central. If you opened a door behind the racks in Video Tape, on the 7th floor, you could see the light bulbs which were the stars of the constellations seen on the roof of the main room down below. Time sure does fly when one is having fun !
Harry Peterson