Thursday, December 06, 2007

Goody Freed

When I was working I complained that the union didn't really represent us. It seemed they had their own agenda. Unless a meeting was about a strike no-one seemed to show up for the meetings, that is to say maybe fifteen guys out of fifteen hundred.  I used to say that 1212 was run by the "Fifteen"  but in retrospect I'm was as guilty as the rest of you that didn't show up.  And, also in retrospect the Union Reps did the best they could with the backing they received.  I personally apologize for my lack of interest.  Why would I write this? Because I can see the same thing happening with these pages. There are a few that actively participate, you see their names week after week.  But, there are a lot of us out here who read these pages as if the items appear by magic & without acknowledging it, benefit in some way by the information imparted.  Many of you are highly educated, I'm not one of you, but seriously, the amount of things you could expound upon is phenomenal.  I don't mean just college educated but life educated also. Give a little back, these are your pages.  Contact each other via Email & send in some of those gems. At one time we had a CBS family, except maybe in my own family, people, communicate!  David, sorry if I'm giving you'all a lot of extra work but I look forward to these messages every week.

P.S. I would like to know how to recall the pages I miss.

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