Saturday, December 15, 2007


Harold Schutzman;

Boy who can forget Ben Ackerman ..not even.. Dave Minott.
I worked with him at the Grand Central Studios....He was something else..
But knew his Electronics;      came to work with his motorcycle...
Put it in the Elevator and brought it up to the 3rd floor Shop......
Then there was Jerry Martin.. Al Sabin ..Art Tinn ..
Who remembers that old saying at CBS ...Every things covered...
  ....    can I go Home now,,
Regards till Memory comes back..
Harold Deppe.

When I worked at the labs, I would occasionally go out to lunch with
Harvie Schwartz and Ben Ackerman. Ben would start scribbling schematics
on the table cloth, and when we were ready to leave, he would take the tablecloth with him!