Friday, December 14, 2007



Before This Website goes to sleep again ..lets talk about some of the old equipment.
Remember when a Video Tape Head had to be sent with the show from Hollywood.?
The Iconoscope Film Cameras could not go to Black
Pulse Lights in 35 mm  Film Projectors...  and Their problems.
When Rain Effect was made with Sand Paper in the Telop ..Who remembers the Telop ?   The Giant R.C.A. T.K.41 Color Camera
Vidicon Valley....Flying Spot Scanners. Racks of  Equipment for One Video Tape
Recoder..   Thats the early Days of Television .   . Today its a Computer..
Now I know how Mr. Kalmus would feel had He been alive when Eastman Color Film
was Developed  Mr. Kalmus... Inventor of Technicolor Film Process..
Best Regards  and Merry.....  I guess its Happy Hollidays now.. to All
Harold Deppe..