Thursday, December 13, 2007


Harold Schutzman..
Yes I remember Carol Reed ..She did the Weather with a Black Board and Chalk.
Today its all Computers ,,,After She did the Weather She passed the maint.Shop.
And said to us as She left....Have A Happy.. It made our night....
She was a nice person .Its nice to remember the past times.. lets keep it going..
  I remember at Color St.72 Hugo Ripp replacing a Tube circuit in an Encoder
with a Transistor ..Remember a Transistor was somthing new..
I Wonder how many People remember Hugo..
Harold Deppe

I remember Hugo very well. I worked with him quite often, and found him to be a very level-headed and dedicated Engineer. I also worked with Henry Korkus at that time, and was one of the only ones that could communicate with him near the end. Before his tragic death, he could basically only communicate with the computers... sad story.