Sunday, December 23, 2007


Hi gang!
I am being confronted with a very difficult decision that I am sure some of you must have already faced. Last Friday, I was in Englewood Hospital for an Angiogram. They found that I have 3 arteries that are considerably blocked and a damaged mitral valve.Within the next few weeks, I will need to decide if I should go ahead with a triple bypass and valve repair or do nothing. By doing nothing, I will be severely limiting my scope of activities. On the other hand, there is some risk with an operation of this type.Except for my heart, I am in very good health. Several months ago, I went for a root canal where the dentist told me that I have the bones of a twenty-year old. MEANWHILE Holiday Greetings from the Cafieros.


Hi Al,

All I can tell you is that my Father-in-law was in a similar situation about two years ago.
He was 90 years old at the time, and being healthy, he opted for a triple bypass and a valve replacement at St. Francis Hospital here on Long Island.
Happy to say all went well, and he is now having the time of his life at an assisted living establishment, where he is dancing, shooting pool and being "pampered" by all the
widows! If you decide to have the surgery, we will all be "pulling" for you!