Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kevin Patterson

Our dear friend and colleague, cameraman Kevin Patterson passed away last week after a long battle with Cancer.  I have known Kevin for 31 years and as we all know he was a very colorful person at times.  He was one of the many characters that have been part of the CBS Technical family over the years.  But if you knew him like I did, he was also one of the most giving, caring people here at CBS,   especially in Studio 47 for the “CBS Evening News”.  Kevin was always there to help another person learn the routine and trade.  And if you were lucky enough, you heard one of his stories that made you laugh, or sometimes cringe. 

In the past few weeks I was with Kevin a lot and he expressed to me that donations be made to North Shore Animal League upon his passing.  You can go to: and then click on “donate”.  The next step would be “in memory of”.  We all knew Kevin’s love for animals, so I think it is appropriate for donations be made to this cause if you wish.

Thank you,
Steve Ancona