Sunday, November 18, 2007

John Smith

I echo Mr. Novak's thoughts.  I am not part of the CBS family, but visit your site regularly.  It is a wonderful resource for those of us interested in the history of television and more importantly, the talented people behind the cameras that made it all possible.  In this day of Blackberrys and I-Phones, HDTV and IPTV, digital this and digital that, it can easily slip from memory that it wasn't that long ago that television was live, black and white, and powered by vacuum tubes.
It seems like just yesterday that I can remember programs starting with..."The following is a CBS Color Presentation."  Or dare I mention the competition..."The following program is brought to you in living color on NBC!"  
When newscasts made a big deal of "Live Via Satellite!"
Or how about when you had to actually get up, walk across the room and change the channels by hand, fiddle with the rabbit ears, or even have to let the set "warm up."
You can "Google" Mr. Paley and Mr. Sarnoff.  Find tribute pages to Gleason, Garroway, Paar, Desi and Lucy.  We will always remember Ed Sullivan, Steve Allen, Jack Benny, Huntley and Brinkley, Allen Funt and Johnny Carson.  There's even a Website devoted to the long dark DuMont Network.
But it is here, on this site, that those of us that grew up at the very end of the Golden Age, and watched television blossom with color and fancy graphics and grow into hundreds of channels, can truly appreciate the efforts of all of the talented people who made it all possible.
Share your memories.  Continue to let us peek behind the cameras, into the control rooms, and back stage.  We share in your losses.  Let us share your memories as well.

J.R. Smith

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