Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From Goody

I read the Novack - Deppe exchange, but have no idea what it is about, did I miss something in a previous posting?  And, what pray tell is a CUCU CUTTER?  I never heard that before.  I think if people are going to speak in code they should do it in private email to each other.  How is Stan Seiler doing?  Have you heard from or about John Mastropolo?  I don't remember seeing that many children have been born to our young people still at CBS, I would be interested to know.  I thought maybe we'd hear from some proud grandpas.  Loved the Gator story. I bet they keep the would be burglars from sneaking around the property at night. Sorry I didn't know Paul Layden, what did he do at CBS? My condolences to his family.

Very sorry to read about Kevin Patterson, he was a super guy & always ready to help someone in trouble.  I'll never forget one morning rushing to get into work, flying down the West Side Hwy. at about 75 plus when my timing chain broke & I just managed to glide to a stop in one of the rest areas. Totally in shock, not knowing what to do & without a telephone. Suddenly I heard my name being called & there was Kevin with his little dog coming across the lot. Needless to say he saved the day. I worked the Morning News & the likelihood of seeing anyone at that hour of the morning was practically nil, but there he was.  May he Rest In Peace.     

Goody Freed