Monday, October 29, 2007

From Goody re: Ancona

                                    Al Loreto & Others

I didn't know him very well but I liked him. Some guys affectionately called him Tiny Tears, he was like a big Teddy Bear. A gentle giant. I'll miss him.

There are a lot of techs I've thought about, over the years I've been away from CBS, I wasn't very well connected as techs go so I didn't get a lot of the prime jobs. But at one time or another touched base with almost all of them.  CBS techs were a special breed. They were very knowledgeable, worked hard & for the most part were a happy go lucky bunch. There was a great camaraderie among both the Field techs & Studio techs & of course a lot of cross over assignments, so everyone pretty much knew everyone else. What surprises me the most on these pages is that I don't see more of an outpouring of recognition of these people & their accomplishments. I was fairly oblivious of this until Tony Ancona died.  Nothing, not even an OBIT. He was kind of my Mentor.  Although I didn't know a lot about him outside of my working with him. When he walked into a studio or out on a remote the place lit up with conversation. Al Loreto among others had a similar effect. How you all can read about these people, these friends & not want to, not necessarily give them large tributes but let others know that you knew them & were touched by their lives in a positive way alludes me.  I was startled & delighted to read the backgrounds of guys like Tony C., Irv Elias, Stan Gould, Paul Buda & others too numerous to mention but still remembered. As we all get older we begin to see a larger picture of the world & our own mortality.  We hope that we tried hard to become the best we could be & that others will remember us, as good people preferably, but remember us. Touch base guys, let us all know that you're still around, still viable & still caring.

Goody Freed