Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stan Seiller

This communication is from Suzy Spause who has a good heart and soul and has helped Stan during this difficult time in his life............

First the good news....Stan Seiller is alive and well and living in New York City.
The bad news is that over the past 3 months Stans' neurological condition has deteriorated so much that after a one week stint at Mount Sinai Hospital his physician felt it unsafe to discharge him back to his apartment in New Jersey.
If you are reading this note, it is because your address was among the many pieces of paper which I have been wading thru as I empty out the apartment and because I either recognized a name, address or both.
Stan is now (happily, I think) residing at the Atria at 333 W 86th Street in NYC,. He has a large studio apartment (#706). The Atria is an assisted living facility that houses people from ages 53 to 97 (!)  He can eat (if he choses) three gourmet meals daily, has many activities to choose from and walks regularly to visit me, his sons,  Millie Petroski and other old friends here on the West Side.
I am relieved that he is near by, is no longer driving and can walk around the neighborhood that he has known for more than 30 years.
I cannot tell you what his prognosis is, because we just don't know how rapidly this will progress....for info, you can Google "Picks' Disease."
What we do know is that his isolation in New Jersey was not beneficial as he seldom saw people and spent most of his time watching old movies, he ate infrequently and began to have trouble operating the computer and even the remote control to the TV set....rather ironic for a man who was as technically savvy as he was.
He also has some speech difficulties, so that talking on the phone is arduous at best and often downright frustrating.
I know that he would welcome a visit from family & friends and would be happy to give you directions should you like to visit.
If you wish to call, the Atria # is 212-712-0200...they will connect you with his room....if he does not answer it's because he's out glavanting.
Please stay in seems that more and more old friends are leaving us more rapidly than I care to realize.
Fondest regards, Susie Spause
Also....if you think anyone else would like to read this, please forward it with a cc to me so that I, too, will have those e-mail addresses.