Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I just received this email from Ray Satter's son.

Dear Mr. Perzeszty:
My wife came across the CBS Retired Engineers Website and saw my father’s name and showed it to me.

My father, Ray Satter, always had fond memories and great stories of his years with CBS as a technical supervisor with the CBS Evening News (Walter Cronkite’s era).
I guess he had a few assignments before joining the news crew – he had gone to Hawaii with “The Arthur Godfrey Show” and used to do “Person To Person” with Edward R. Murrow before ending up with the news department. When I was young, almost every Christmas Eve he was on a remote broadcasting the Midnight Christmas Mass from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. – Boy how my mother worked on those nights getting ready for the family gatherings on Christmas Day and getting our presents from Santa Claus wrapped and ready. Sometimes he would cover a Yankee or Dodger game and once brought back a ball hit in his direction. I was a teenager playing in a garage band when he came home one evening and told me how he had to sneak “some group” into the Ed Sullivan Show. The “some group” turned out to be “The Rolling Stones” – and he DIDN’T EVEN GET THEIR AUTOGRAPHS !!

Dad passed away in late December, 2005, and my mom joined him just 7 days later – they never went anywhere without each other. As I was going through their things, I found some “souvenirs” from his “Person to Person” days – an autographed picture from Carol Baker, an autographed album from Farrante & Teicher, and probably his prized trophy – a personal letter from Red Buttons for being attentive and funny and fixing his wife’s telephone. (Pop was a Western Electric Alumni prior to signing on with CBS).

I know he was one of the guys who created the first “Crash Unit” using a Chrysler Newport Station Wagon, mounting a camera and sound equipment on the roof to cover aviation mishaps, parades, and the Cape Canaveral Space launches. What a “boat” that Chrysler was – he liked it so much, we ended up with the same year and model as the family car. He took us and my grandparents on a trip to Vero Beach, Florida one Christmas. Before we left, he took off the back floor hatch that covered the spare tire and moved the spare and made a bench seat all the way in the back of the car for my sister and I to sit on - with pillows of course. We were not quite teenagers then and new enough about the opposite sex to know we hated each other. He piled the spare tire, tools, and all the luggage between us and the back seat where my grand parents sat. My sister and I had a two day ride in which we darn near killed each other and my parents never heard a sound. This was one time were his “tinkering” paid off.

Anyway, sorry for getting a bit carried away. I just thought I’d let you know of his passing and that he really loved working with you all. Dad always seemed to be lucky in the things that mattered in life. I know he would want me to tell you all hello for him.


Jack Satter

PS I remember him telling us how he got a call from the personnel department one afternoon asking if he had a Secksour in his department. He told them “Sex Hour, we don’t even get a coffee break!” That was Dad always the comedian. Maybe some of you remember him.