Saturday, September 22, 2007


Bob Wilson:

In my memory box, a true Pioneer of the Television business. Read your e-mail to Sal and had to add my two cents.

First, Kudos to Mr. Sal for being senior to me, now still at a feisty 87 but still causing a ruckus when it comes to spouting off about the -40's, 50's and 60's as being the very best

 years for programming, technical firsts (color , video tape, LP, miniaturization, satellite trans- mission and my Perry Como Show, one of the bests in my memory !. There, now I said it with lots of passion.

Re: the Field Shop on east 54th, didn't Al Siegler precede you there as I remember reporting to him in the '49/'50 years. Happy, happy memories with Al after I left the incomparable genius, Dr. Peter Goldmark for dear old Orville Sather another of my very favorite uplifting flash-backs  who added his bit of nostalgia during  the best years of Television! However, Kudos to you Bob Wilson, man with a friendly smile and an even nicer disposition.

john koushouris