Friday, August 17, 2007

From Harry re: Tony Cucu

Some things I should have asked Tony C:

I never really knew Tony but rather OF him; through his Local 1212 work and on line. We did have a serious disagreement about his vociferous espousal of the war; Bush's war. But that is all water under the dam; so be it. One time when he was feeling nostalgic Tony mentioned, on line, two people who might have been seminal in pushing his career path; MAJOR BOWES and DICK STEWART. For the benefit of most of you YOUNGER(??) folks let me explain Major Bowes. He was the host of a radio program in the 1930's ( in the depths of the depression) called the AMATEUR HOUR. It was a VERY big deal and had a large audience even as most of the 'talent' was a little lacking. The question I have is what was Tony's relationship to the show? Was he talent? was he an usher in the theater where the show originated? Whatever it was Tony remembered it well. DICK STEWART was one of the old timers when I joined CBS radio in 1951. He was a pleasant guy, warm friendly, a trumpet man. In that he was from live music, he had a built-in disdain for records and refused to handle them. Lavern Owens, our schedule clerk, took care when assigning shows to keep Dick off anything that required records. And further: Tony lived on BELLE Avenue in Teaneck, NJ. Another old timer, John Triesner, in construction, lived on that street and I wonder if Tony knew him? He never mention John. whatever..................... Gone but surely not forgotten; peace Tony Harry Peterson aka N2CJM