Sunday, June 03, 2007

Forwarded by Gayle DePoli:

From: Steinberg, Ned
Sent: Tue 5/29/2007 10:32 AM
Subject: How do you say Goodbye?

How do you say Goodbye?

This is probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

If there is an easy part, It’s making sure I extended my thanks and appreciation to all the many talented people I've worked with over the years.

Let me start with my fellow Graphic Designers. To each and every one who passed through, and to the ones who are here presently. Thank you for your friendship, your talent, your input and your dedication. Whatever credit I got personally and the awards I've won through the years, I owe to all of you!

It's really all about teamwork, and this has been a great team to play on, since day one for me in 1962, when I interviewed with Ben Blank for a vacation replacement position at CBS News Headquarters (hidden away on the 20th floor of the Graybar Building, on 42nd and Lexington Ave). He hired me on the spot as a per-diem and that's when and where it all began.

Who could have imagined at that time what was in store for me...I would be at the pulse of, and working on, every major news event that would happen for the next 45 years.

Starting with the last two Mercury Missions, and then the first of many, many Election Nights to come, leading up to the Kennedy campaign for re-election and then the "FOUR DARK DAYS," when we, the News Division, were the only broadcasts on the air for CBS, and the focus of the whole world was on us, reporting the JFK Assassination and Funeral.

I was hooked. It was the most creative, challenging and rewarding work I ever experienced up to that point in my life.

TV news was in Black and White and still basically in its infancy, and we were all the new pioneers, the innovators, learning new ways to improve the visual content of each broadcast as the need arose.

The public was demanding more and longer news programming and our department was growing to meet those demands.

After Ben Blank opted to leave CBS News to start up the new ABC News Graphics department, CBS News hired me on staff.

Not much later, I was appointed the Graphic Arts Director for CBS News.

I had an opportunity to work closely with the best of the best and be a part of the behind the scene support. Walter Cronkite led the very impressive list of CBS News Correspondents, and then there were the Executive Producers, the Producers, Writers, Directors, AD’s & PA’s, Scenic, Designers, Artists, Carpenters and Electricians, The Researchers, The Cameramen, Traffic, Editors, Engineers and all the Technicians, each and every one was part of the team that made CBS the Tiffany Network!

Top management in news gave us a lot of support and the encouragement to do more. It entitled me to hire on more staff, and I brought on the best crew ever. I assigned them to different broadcasts. When local news (which was included in our coverage) decided to form its own group, we had more time to concentrate on the new Network broadcasts and future projects already in the works. We smoked the competition!... From A to Z, thank you all!

Here is where my life started to move into warp speed. Looking back it's all a big blur....

Vietnam was a constant, the Evening News went to a half hour, then it went to color, Civil Rights, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Apollo 11, Space Launches and Recoveries, In The News (a news broadcast for children), Primaries and Conventions, where we took our graphics show on the road, Elections, Inaugurations, State of the Union Addresses, we had Religion, Look up and Live & Lamp Unto My Feet, there were Nixon and Watergate and Face the Nation and CBS Reports, and so many Specials and Special Reports, The Morning News was born, The Weekend News, Weddings, Funerals, Press Conferences, 60 Minutes, Late Sunday Night and Sunday Morning, 48 Hours, Newspath, News Productions and many more that remains in that blur...

CBS News was on the move and I was enjoying every moment of it.


...There were always going to be new stories, and new broadcasts to cover, and Graphics needed to go with them, and within our department there's an abundance of talent that made it easy for me to always choose the right person for each of these challenges.

Watching over the years I still see the Gung-Ho attitude and the highest level of professionalism in newsgathering that was there when I first started in 1962.

It seems the name of the game remains the same only the participants change!

Lastly, one of the greatest pleasures for me was when I was called on to create farewell cards for people that were moving on. I tried to make each card reflect the importance of the person leaving CBS and how he or she had a part in making CBS the great company it is.

A smaller copy of my first card of Richard S. Salant still hangs in my office.

Well now it's my turn to move on...thanks for the memories....

I wish all of you as many wonderful memories as I’ve had, as you keep up the great tradition of CBS News.

Art Director
CBS News Graphics
524 West 57th Street
New York, New York 10019
(212) 975-6466