Thursday, May 17, 2007

Here is Tony's letter, as forwarded by John Taddei:

February 21, 2006

Dear family & friends,

As most of you know, I will be 99 years of age on February 25th, and since the last time we communicated, several things have changed for me. On February 4th I took a very bad spill but no.. .nothing broke. I was trying to take my walker down two steps to go for a walk. I was so quiet Gayle did not even hear me go outside I went head over applecart so to speak and banged up my face and hands pretty good. My body got bruised and I'm a bit sore, but all in all I escaped any major problems. You know how I love hospitals and all in attendance that day were especially tickled by my age and the fact they could find nothing wrong with me. Good blood pressure and heart rate and they even did X-rays of every bone in my body .... no brittle bones in this body they kept asking what I eat…

My nose was so swollen for several days, and it was fairly big to begin with. I went head first into the blacktop and gravel on the edge of the driveway.

Anyway.. .1 was admitted for three days... .after which I went to the Fishkill Health Care facility for rehab. I've been pretty weak due to lack of movement I guess you know .... what you don't use you lose over time .... and with snow on the ground again, who could exercise? Oh how I hate New York!

I want you all to know that I'm not afraid to die and as I've expressed to most of you, nature is doing what it does best. Let's face it.... I'm at the end of my life. When it happens... .it happens

They work me pretty hard here, I exercise every day and I must admit I'm pooped when the day is done.... my upper body strength has not been good since 1992 when I had that other real bad spill.

The food is not bad, as they try to accommodate my eating habits. I just cannot get over how some of these other folks eat and then waste the food they order. I generally have vegetable and fruit plates, sometimes Walnut Acres Soups or an onion and Swiss cheese sandwich ... my favorite. They finally even figured out how to cook my favorite breakfast cereal.. .millet. . .you know's like bird seed. It supports that acid/alkaline balance you should all try to obtain... .They even give me maple syrup to put on top I think they're trying really hard to accommodate what I'll eat. I'll learn `em. I'm told I'm getting homemade carrot cake for my birthday I do love that! My favorite daughter in law is making it and I might even get to see some of my grandchildren and great grand children.

The staff here is extra careful to make sure that no one falls so we cannot get up without help. I think that's a good idea, unless if I have to go to the bathroom … when I've got to go...I've go to go, so I do. My determination has gotten me several stitches in my "cruller", as a result.

There are so many people here a whole lot worse off than I, so I can't complain. There is even a library, but there aren't any books here that I'd care to read. I have my own reading materials and I still read a good portion of the day. Of course I snooze in between, because after all I do work hard with those young ladies in the gym. I do sleep very well at night also .... as long as I am warm and cozy in my bed.

I'd love to hear from you if you feel like writing to me. My address is shown below. Although I have a hearing aid, I really can't hear very well on the phone, so letters are always welcome.

I hope you are fine and doing well I think of you often.

Tony Landry