Saturday, April 14, 2007

This just came in from Nancy Erhorn:

Dear Gentlemen, Phil Erhorn passed away on December 29, 2006 while residing at an assisted living facility near our home. He had been there since July.
I was just browsing through parts of your web site. I was sorry to see that Dwight Temple has also gone on. He truly was a gentleman.

Phil was part of the group with Dwight and others that founded your group. Phil and I went to the Swan Club one spring day to see if it would be a good spot for the luncheons. Obviously, it has been a good spot.
Phil and I enjoyed the lunches there for some time before moving to Phoenix in 1997. He was able to get the ham call W2PCE which he was happy to have. For quite awhile, he was in a scheduled talk with Dick O'Brien, Jack Fackler, Al Goldberg and others.
An open house was held in our home January 14 in his memory with about 50 attending.
He had many fond memories of his days at CBS and the fine people he worked with.

Nancy Plotner Erhorn

April 12, 2007
Gentlemen: I originally sent this to you in January. My invite to the luncheon arrived today and Phil was not listed "In Memoriam." I hope this email reaches you, if the other did not.
I see William Murtough listed. I remember Phil mentioning his name.
Have a nice lunch at the Swan Club. Enjoy the flowers.

Nancy Erhorn