Monday, April 30, 2007


Thanks to Bob Wilson for posting. How time flies when one is having fun!

I too, recall my visit to the 1939 World's Fair and the RCA pavilion. A walk through allowed the visitors to see themselves on some TV monitors. The sets on display (that I remember) were mounted vertically and viewed via a 45 degree flip top mirror.

My first day at CBS was on that June day in 1951 when the first commercial program was broadcast in color, the field sequential system. A number of manufacturers had set up their receivers in Studio 21 in the studio building on 52nd street. Beautiful pictures. The only sponsor recalled was Longines with Frank Knight at the spokesperson.

And yes, the V and H parab and sawtooth shading controls along with gain and blanking on the iconoscope cameras... I know them well from my experience at WATV (now WNET) channel 13 on your dial. We had two such film cameras, multiplexed slide and 16mm projectors, along with a complement of IO live cameras all this in the MOSQUE theater building, long gone, on Sound Broad Street in Newark, NJ. Good grief, a lifetime ago !!!!!!
Harry Peterson, aka N2CJM