Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Posted for your info:

Dear Tony,
You were kind and lovely to give me an interview about Grace Kelly for my biography, 'True Grace;The Life and Times of an American Princess.' I shall be giving a reading of the book - and plan to read an excerpt which includes your interview - at 7.30 on March 28th, at Barnes and Noble opposite Lincoln Centre. I should so love to meet you, and do hope you can make it. And if you have time, do check out my website, www.wendyleigh.co.uk: <http://www.wendyleigh.co.uk>

Kind regards, Wendyxx Wendy Leigh www.wendyleigh.co.uk: <http://www.wendyleigh.co.uk>

I knew Ms.Grace Kelly from my days as a cameraman on "The Golden Windows," soap opera at NBC-TV back in the early '50's. I used to buy her a strawberry milk shake and a piece of pound cake from the Walgreen, (I think) across from the Radio City Music Hall. She was a lovely young lady. She left us to go to Hollywood to star in a movie with Bing Crosby. Perhaps Gayle Depoli will go to this interview and then write a report to us.

Tony C.

I would be happy and honored to attend. I think I can clear my clear my schedule to get there.

Gayle P. De Poli
Cell 1-877-840-2030 Fax