Monday, March 19, 2007

I can't remember who asked me about this item, but one-time CBS executive in Graphic Arts, George Olden, who designed the little man logo for "To Tell the Truth" and many other CBS items, as well as the 5 cent stamp that was introduced in 1963 appears as a guest on a 1963 "I've got a Secret" show that will air on GSN Sunday April 8th.
I just received this from John Thornton. Is there anybody from Studio crews than help him out?

Dear Ted Perzeszty,
I have been researching the life of Debbie Weems who was on Captain Kangaroo from 1973-1978.

Do you have, or know of anyone who does have videos (beta, VHS, 2in) of the Captain Kangaroo Show? I have only found a few of the "straight to video" VHS ones which were put out in the mid 1980s. I would be very interested to view some episodes which featured Debbie Weems. Do any of your members have recordings or videos?

Thanks again,
John Thornton

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Posted for your info:

Dear Tony,
You were kind and lovely to give me an interview about Grace Kelly for my biography, 'True Grace;The Life and Times of an American Princess.' I shall be giving a reading of the book - and plan to read an excerpt which includes your interview - at 7.30 on March 28th, at Barnes and Noble opposite Lincoln Centre. I should so love to meet you, and do hope you can make it. And if you have time, do check out my website, <>

Kind regards, Wendyxx Wendy Leigh <>

I knew Ms.Grace Kelly from my days as a cameraman on "The Golden Windows," soap opera at NBC-TV back in the early '50's. I used to buy her a strawberry milk shake and a piece of pound cake from the Walgreen, (I think) across from the Radio City Music Hall. She was a lovely young lady. She left us to go to Hollywood to star in a movie with Bing Crosby. Perhaps Gayle Depoli will go to this interview and then write a report to us.

Tony C.

I would be happy and honored to attend. I think I can clear my clear my schedule to get there.

Gayle P. De Poli
Cell 1-877-840-2030 Fax

Monday, March 12, 2007

To the family of Vinny Aida,

please accept my most sincere condolences.
Vinny was a very nice man, a real gentleman.
He'll be missed.

Goody Freed

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just received from Al Consiglio:

My son Phil who free lances at CBS told me that Vinny Aida
died yesterday. Apparently he was quite ill.

Al Consiglio

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hi Dave,

I doubt you remember me but we spoke may years back. In fact I still have your QSL card that you have on your site.

I just started working at CBS as a tech worked at NBC and ABC a few years now retired from the NYPD in 2003 after 20 years of mosty tending to the radio repeater systems there.

I am trying to get the club at CBS going again since Bob Myers retired last year.

If you can provide any help it would be appreciated.

If you frequent the 2 meters I have a machine now for club use on 146.745.

I also have machines on 445.175 as well as 224.46 with an extensive linked/voted system.

You and anyone else that you know of can join as well.

Here is the link

I am in the New Hyde Park area so feel free to get in touch if you like.

I am trying to get a group of guys to meet on 146.745 to see how much interest there is to date.

516 297 5177