Friday, February 02, 2007

I will be 80 in June. So would have "Captain Kangaroo", if he was still with us. One June 27th., I worked the Kangaroo show, and was told it was the Captain's birthday also.
When Mr. Greenjeans rolled out the birthday cake, I reached for the first piece and was promptly slapped on the back of my head by Mr. Greenjeans. I took out my drivers license to prove it was my birthday too. The set decorator, whose name escapes me, said I deserved a present, and asked what I wanted. Well, if you remember, every year, the Captain's Christmas tree had the most exotic ornaments. I said I would like to pick an ornament from the tree every year. My wish was granted. I never told anyone of the crew, because I was afraid they would make fun and the Captain would stop it because, you see, he knew nothing about it!

Cal Marotta