Saturday, January 06, 2007

When the new CBS building to replace 485 Madison Ave. was in the processs of being built, a proud coterie of executives and builders showed the finished, poured floor of his new office to Dr. Stanton. He cast an appraising eye at the empty office, and said "Sorry gentlemen, the floor goes up three inches on the far right." Deciding to humor him they repeated the measurements. QUELLE FROMAGE!
They refinished the floor " THREE INCHES HIGHER" post haste !

All CBS Color Units were to match. CBS/Washington to match CBS/NY upon completion. Oh, begorra, it was a proud day when Dr. Stanton came to Washington to inspect his newest treasure. The vaunted EYE struck again. The body of the truck had been painted CBS colors but the good doctor noticed that the CBS eye was painted over the control room door. If the door was left open only half the eye was visible on the side of the unit. Not a very good IMAGE for our company. The LOGO was repainted post haste !

Hmm, could he have been the inspiration for the famous CBS eye?

Frank Novack

Editors Note:
My Father, a Commercial Artist, back in the '50s, did a little research on the "CBS eye", and
discovered the following!

His handwritten text at the bottom says, "from "Portfolio", a magazine for the Graphic Arts - Vol. 1 - Number 1,
Winter 1950.

"The 'all-seeing' eye is the dominant symbol in this Shaker inspirational drawing done around 1850."

Who knows? Maybe they painted it on the side of their wagons!