Tuesday, January 09, 2007

May I have a copy of Johns book. My interaction with Lou Tedesco started when I replaced Bob Pierenger as second video on Charley Grenier's crew. Lou was a perfectionist and an excellent mentor. We worked together for 3-4 years when the crew was disbanded.When Lou was promoted to TD (same time as Joe Calvanico and Bill Guyon from our crew) he became TD of the PERRY COMO SHOW replacing guess who. Right, John Koushouris. Lou rescued me from the gnarly clutches of that wonderful TD George Keck. Another of my favorite TD's was Paul Hale who asked me what shows would I like to do. I told him remotes. He said Lou was going to head a back up field crew. And thus it came to pass! Some of my co-video techs were , Dom Annechiarico, Ray Savignano, Mike Terrelle and some non italian video persons whom I forget. John became the HONCHO of CBS Color operations. He advanced into big time producing and Lou's crew was picked to cover the Miss America Pageant for John. We returned from Atlantic City to a piece of TV history called CINDERELLA.. The crew video men served as floor techs replaced by the color video men.
Big time shows, big time techs, big time success.
No wonder John and Lou were mutual admirers. They both were major contributors to the evolution of TV.

On a personal note, get well, soon!

Frank Novack