Thursday, January 04, 2007

To Tony Cucurullo,

By the by, the "old horses behind" trick was used quite effectively in the early days of TV. Budweiser sponsored the KEN MURRAY show. Ken was very demanding and unappreciative and the crew figured out a way to sublimally get even.The show opened weekly with a film clip showing the renowned Budweiser horses approaching then passing and going away in a closeup of a horses behind. The TD then, EQUISITELY, SLOWLY faded to a tight closeup of Kens face OVER the horses behind to open the show. Oh the snickers and guffaws in the Control room.I do believe Bob Dailey was the TD. Bless his soul.
Tony, keep fighting, son. My prayers and the prayers of many are being offered up for you.
Pace Vobiscum
Frank Novack