Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My name is Jerry Davis.
I am working on my master's degree in journalism at West Virginia University.
My professional project is a brief history of an award-winning episode of "CBS Reports"
from 1957, entitled "Algeria Aflame".
It was reported by Frank Kearns and photographed by Joe Masraff.
They won the Overseas Press Club of America award that year for "Best Foreign
Reporting in Radio and Television".

I have in my possession the diary kept by Mr. Kearns of the six weeks that
Mr. Masraff and he spent hiding from the French and developing a story on
the rebels fighting for independence.

Prior to his passing, Ralph Paskman spoke with me on several occasions and
we exchanged emails. But I need some more information by anyone
who may have worked on the program, which also featured an account of French
activity by David Schoenbrun. Unfortunately, the archival print of the program in the
CBS library is in pretty bad shape and does not include any program credits.

If you are aware of anyone from the Retired CBS Engineers Association who
may be familiar with this story, kindly ask them to contact me.

As a further disclosure, I am also producing, writing and directing a one-hour
documentary for PBS on the life of Mr. Kearns, who taught at West
Virginia University after retiring from CBS News. He graduated from there,
as well, and was a native of Morgantown, WV. Frank and Sara Kearns became
friends of mine in the early 1970s when I worked for him as an undergraduate.

This project has the cooperation of his family, the family of Joe Masraff
and a number of Mr. Kearns's former friend and colleagues.

J. Davis
The Frank Kearns Project
5123 Lakeshore Drive
Columbia, SC 29206
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