Sunday, January 07, 2007

John Louis Koushouris, Engineer, Producer, entrepreneur, Auto-biographer. And the list goes on. His book “The Golden Years-Done that.” Except for the flat colored, difficult book to hold, it is a very interesting novelette of historical fact, woven to fit like a cloak around the psyche, and life and times of JLK at CBS, and the rest of the world.

He fit comfortably with captains and kings, billionaires, and paupers, technicians and physicist.

He was not intimidated by titles nor pomposity. He believes in excellence, and talent. And he rewards loyalty to the max.

His friends are few but they are the crème-de-la-crème of his society. Lou Tedesco seems to head the list of lasting and loyal, but not subservient, "mon cher de champs". The others fill the lineup like the ’27 Yankees. He list the names of a few techs, because it fills the story line, and reduces the rarified atmosphere of his, “gosh-awful, do you know that guy too.”

His honesty is refreshing because he announces that some of the pretenders are actually offenders in some cases. I won’t list those names although I totally agree on the one or two of those that possess snob-credentials without portfolio.

He can dance trippingly with Onassis, Hughes, Juntas of Greece, and the likes of Tony Cucurullo too. He has traversed the globe numerous times, in search of the penny and came up short but not un-rewarded and with the knowledge that he could compete at any level of finance; and succeed.

I wish I knew Johnny Louis, more intimately than I now presume. He has something to teach even at this late time in the cycle of life. Folks, try to obtain a copy of his book, it is about you, even if it is only in the sense that you could say, “Hey, I remember that time.”

Thanks John, for the walk down the yellow brick road. You filled a lot of gaps in my memory. I will mail your book to anyone that requests it, and they too can pass it on.

Tony Cucurullo