Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I was quite saddened a couple of weeks back (and again this week) to hear (during NFL and college sportscasts) of the death of Bob Dailey. In searching for more news about him and his passing, I found your web site and a mention of Bob by one of your CBS compatriots.

I am a retired pilot with American Airlines, and had the good fortune to sit next to Bob as I was deadheading from New York to Cleveland on December 5, 1969. We had a nice chat and he invited me to attend the Cowboys-Redskins game in the Cotton Bowl on December 21. Of course, I jumped at the chance, and had one of the most memorable days of my life.

On the game Sunday Bob introduced me to his crew in the trailer as if I were a CBS executive, then allowed me to join Lindsay Nelson and Eddie LeBaron in the announcer's booth for the first half, then watched over Bob's shoulder in the TV trailer during the second half and observed Bob's calmly directing the cameramen and his crew in the trailer. In those days, there were far fewer cameras aimed at the action on the field, so Bob had to anticipate where the action would be on each play. The replays proved how often he was right, so much so that I later ran across an article about Bob entitled "TV Quarterback" in a syndicated supplement in our newspaper.

And, of course, I was always thrilled to find Bob's name in the credits for a myriad of sporting events on CBS Television--he seemed to have a knowledge of all sports.

When you have further news about Bob for your newsletter, I would very much like a heads-up. Losing him was like losing an old friend, so I can imagine the shadow he cast at CBS.

Dudley Lacey
Dallas, Texas