Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Joe Desmond

The year was 1927, a most propitious year in that many of those born under the streaming gases of Halley’s Comet where to illuminate the fledgling art form that started with the catch phrase, “Hi Kiddies,” in the AM, to "This is your Uncle Miltie", in the PM and blithely and historically through the phrases "One step for mankind"…….down to "Tickle-me-Elmo".

Why, "Happy Birthday Joe Desmond" in particular? Joe is in his 80th year, and for what ever reason, Joe and I have been exchanging greetings because we were both born in the year 1927. He started the year in January, and I am in the month of September. I am also sure that there are a gang of us that are 80 or charging past that sobriquet Octogenarian. If Joe was a cosmic entity the name would not be Halley’s it would be Joe’s CBS King Size comet.

I wonder who is on that tablet besides Joe and me? I am quite sure Bruno Fucci couldn’t have sailed the icy North Atlantic in 1942, he has to be in that group. I know Harold Deppe has to be there also, because he can recollect about equipment that inspired Marconi.

Johnny Louis K., after reading your journal of life’s experiences you would have to have wings of all the Greek God’s to move you about. It would put you in the millennia with the Greek God Zeus.

As I ponder the immensity of accomplishments that we traversed during those decades, I feel rewarded for having known or associated with the intellectually gifted, and the innovative geniuses that could interpose on command, that which can come only from the 'Genie-in-the bottle' type of personality.

Cal Marotta sends emails daily. Harry Charles sends pictures from his back porch and I am sure he lives on the surface of the Moon!

Bill Naeder, makes me wonder where he gets all that time to send email, for he surely must be tied down clipping coupons at the bank daily.

How about telling us, all of you that are really on the 80 and over-the-hill gang. Let’s have a laugh at each other. Remember. "Tempis Fugit", (time flies).

Tony Cucurullo