Saturday, January 20, 2007

Although I started at CBS 40 years ago my interest in television began when I was 5 years old. In the 1950's I would run around to all the TV studios in New York and had many chances to see lots of great things, by hook or crook. I would like to start some conversations going on this site to uncover some of the great stories residing in our collective heads.

I'd like to start with the Sullivan Show. I remember writing to the director, John Wray, asking if I might come to one of the rehearsals. He sent me a letter, which I still have, inviting me to Studio 50 for a Dress and telling me to come earlier so he could show me around. He was a real gentleman. Marlo Lewis was the producer and Charlie Grenier was the TD. I still have a show script. It would be interesting to hear stories about John, Marlo and Charlie as well as other recollections of the studio and the show. It would also be great to see any pictures taken in 50.

Gady Reinhold