Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My wife, Paula and I spent Christmas alone, so we thought! It would have been not alone but togetherness, except for the telephone. The normal cadre of friends and relatives shook the ringer silly, but it was the UNEXPECTED calls from the ghosts of CBS present, that both amazed, and delighted my senses, (such as they are in this present state.)

They are as you read the names like Santa’s reindeer: There was, Jeff Pollack, and Goody Freed, George “The Hulk” Rothweiler, Teddy P, and George Klimy, and the greatest reindeer of all Dan Parmalee.

A short note from The Hulk would fill two pages, and to listen to Dan talk in warm tones makes for a gentle trip down the CBS halls, with coffee in hand.

Take the time and write to these fine citizens of the rules of the FCC bands. They will both delight and fill in the gaps of interest gone by. You can get the email address from

Another, from the pen of Rod Serling, I was at a check-out counter of a store in Virginia with the Innocuous name of UKROPS. Not quite as big as Wal-Mart, but classier looking in d├ęcor. When the man behind the register heard that I was from CBS he stated, “Did you know that Frank Stanton died? Of course, I did, but why did he? His name escapes me at the moment but, he said, he was interested in Mr. Stanton because his sister Lucille Callahan, once dated Frank Stanton when he attended Dayton Steele High School, in Dayton, Ohio. She is still alive as Mrs. Lucille Call, at the age of 100, and resides in, Florida. Strange, what you can get at a check-out counter besides your coins.

One final appeal to those wonderful callers. Not only did you brighten my day but you filled in some memories that have gone soft, and gave me fodder to embellish others. George Rothweiler can fill a book with all the info he has about CBS Present. We wish he would, he has promised to do so. Dan Parmalee resides in a day care center and wouldn’t mind hearing from his friends. He too, has wonderful memories about the days of yore. It would make for good reading to see it in print.

Well, let me get set for this morning’s jaunt to the chemo shop where I get my weekly dose of Snow White’s apple.

Now get your damn reindeer off-of-my-roof!

Tony Cucurullo