Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tony: Back to your questions. We never had a bus for the sequential system. The first bus was the one I finally used on Miss America which was 1977 but CBS had a bus with the NTSC system well before that.

Oh, you bring back a giant of a memory with the show, "Together with Music" starring Noel Coward and Mary Martin. Wow, that was really a special which would take the cake in ratings today. I gave Mr. Coward my office as his private dressing room as he was very timid in the TV. surroundings. You wouldn't believe his level of gratitude ( it would be unknown today with the brashness of the current TV. operations and production groups.)

And Lou Tedesco, if a man could love another buddy without being "labelled," Lou was one of the greatest talents I ever had the priviledge to work with. He was definitely borderline genius.

If you keep asking questions I'll write forever!.

"Bona Natale" I know the spelling is wrong but the wish is not.

John K